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Holiday Safety Tips for Avondale, Goodyear and Southwest Phoenix Residents

12/11/2018 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO Holiday Safety Tips for Avondale, Goodyear and Southwest Phoenix Residents When it comes to Christmas decorations, follow these tips to keep your family safe.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, isn’t it? Cooler temps mean the holiday season is in full swing! Temperatures here in Avondale, Goodyear and Southwest Phoenix have finally cooled down to where we actually get to make use of our car heater in the mornings! But we’re not complaining, these cooler temperatures are always a nice welcome after the 115 degree summer temperatures we face.

With Christmas just around the corner, SERVPRO of Avondale/Goodyear/Southwest Phoenix wants you to be safe. We’ve put together a list of Holiday Safety Tips as it’s important to be reminded of general safety tips to keep you and your loved ones safe when it comes to decorations this season.

  1. Inspect electrical decorations such as Christmas lights, lighted garland and Christmas displays. Make sure the sockets aren’t cracked or damaged. Also check for exposed wires and loose connections as you want to prevent shocks and a fire from occurring.
  2. Protect electrical cords from damage such as being squashed by furniture or against walls. Do not have them running underneath rugs or hang them using staples.
  3. Don’t overload the electrical sockets. This is a common cause for holiday fires. Plug only one high-wattage appliance into each outlet at a time.
  4. Avoid connecting more than three string lights as this can blow a fuse.
  5. Do not connect extension cords together. Take time to find the correct length to avoid them getting tangled or stretched.
  6. Keep decorations such as garland, tinsel, crepe paper and anything other decorations that are flammable away from heat sources such as a fireplace, candles, and space heaters. Be sure to keep them at least 3 feet away.
  7. If you have a fresh Christmas tree, don’t forget to water it daily. A dry tree can quickly erupt in flames.
  8. Keep an eye on candles that are lit. Never leave lit candles unattended. Instead, try opting for battery opted candles.
  9. When hanging lights outside, do not use nails or staples as they can cause damage to the wires. Use hooks or hangers which are recommended for outdoor usage.
  10. Always remember to unplug the lights when you are away from home or asleep.

For more information on fire damage and restoration services, contact SERVPRO of Avondale/Goodyear/Southwest Phoenix at (623) 537-9999 or check us out at We are available 24/7 and are always here to help.

Commercial Water Loss In Southwest Phoenix

12/3/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Commercial Water Loss In Southwest Phoenix Our SERVPRO techs are trained and highly qualified to get your business back up and running.

SERVPRO of Avondale/Goodyear/Southwest Phoenix has successfully answered the call and responded to many commercial jobs pertaining to water loss, mold removal, fire and smoke damage, biohazard cleanups, carpet cleanings, and general commercial cleanings. We recently responded to a commercial office space that had experienced extensive water damage due to a damaged fire sprinkler which caused water to spray everywhere. This led to water damage to the ceiling, walls, floors, and office furniture. Because of the water damage, the loss of work production in the office setting was clearly evident with empty offices and desks. Here at SERVPRO, we understand that a water loss can lead to a disruption in the daily work environment which is why our crews responded immediately to begin the drying process. SERVPRO is here to help get everything back to normal “Like it never even happened.”

Storm Safety Tips

10/25/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Storm Safety Tips Flooded roadways like this were seen during recent storms here in Avondale, Goodyear and Southwest Phoenix.

The monsoon season has officially wrapped up here in Avondale, Goodyear and Southwest Phoenix. We saw quite the storm activity in the Greater Phoenix area which led to dust storms and record rainfalls causing flooded roadways, knocked down trees and power-lines. Because of this, many homes and businesses experienced massive amounts of water and mold damage due to these heavy storms. Here at SERVPRO, we decided to put together some information regarding storms here in the Valley and how you and your family can be safe during one.

  • Make sure to clean out your roof drains so that rain can properly drain to prevent water from collecting on your roof. 
  • Take time to trim trees around your home to prevent them from breaking and possibly falling on your home or vehicle.
  • Secure outdoor furniture to prevent them from blowing away during heavy winds. Make sure children’s playground equipment is secured to the ground and any smaller outdoor furniture items are stored indoors or in your garage.
  • It’s always helpful to have weather alerts enabled on your mobile or desktop devices so you’re notified of an approaching storm and can prepare in advance.
  • If your home or your businesses is in a low elevated area, consider stocking up on sandbags to prevent flooding from entering your building structure.
  • Avoid travelling during a storm at all costs, especially here in Phoenix as roadways can flood quickly. If you see a flooded road, do not try and drive through. It’s best to turn around and find an alternate route or pull over and wait for the storm to pass before getting back on the road.

Monsoon season has officially passed but that doesn’t mean we won’t see a few scattered storms here and there. It’s best to apply these storm safety practices to ensure you and your loved ones are safe. If you are experiencing  water damage or  mold damage caused by storms, you can call SERVPRO of Avondale/Goodyear/Southwest Phoenix at (623) 537-9999. We’re always here to help.

Be Safe This Halloween!

10/22/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Be Safe This Halloween! Have a fun and safe Halloween!

Halloween is just around the corner and will be here before you know it. Of course, it can be fun and games, trick or treating, decorations, parties, costumes, and jack-o-lanterns, but it’s always important to adhere to proper precautions to ensure your Halloween is celebrated safely. Here are some helpful tips to keep you and your family safe while you're out and about and to also keep you safe from potential fire damage.

  • Yes, candles can be fun and can add a “spooky” ambiance. If you’re going to use candles, make sure you are nearby. NEVER leave lighted candles unattended, especially those that are in jack o’ lanterns that are left outside. You never know when heavy wind gusts or perhaps, someone could accidentally knock a pumpkin over leading to flames spreading. Instead, opt for battery operated candles which are much safer.
  • Avoid using flammable decorations such as crepe paper for instance. You can use these but keep them away from heat sources such as lightbulbs, stringed lights and heaters. The same applies for decorations such as corn stalk material.
  • Choose the right costumes that are made of flame-resistant materials. You also want to make sure they are the right size to prevent tripping or falling.
  • Make sure to place reflective tape or stickers on costumes so that you are seen while out navigating streets at night. Provide your children with flashlights or glow sticks to carry while they are out trick or treating so that they are visible to drivers on the road.
  • Travel in groups and always be on alert. Always use the crosswalk and obey traffic signals. Be extremely cautious when crossing driveways.

SERVPRO of Avondale/Goodyear/Southwest Phoenix provides these safety tips so that you can have a fun and safe Halloween! 

Dryer Safety

10/11/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Dryer Safety When was the last time you cleaned out your lint filter?

Prevent a Dryer Fire in Your Home

Clothes dryers are a modern amenity in every household. Let’s be honest, they make the laundry process so much easier, right? If it weren’t for dryers, we’d still be hanging our clothes out on the clothes line which can be a little hard to do, especially when you live in the city. Oftentimes, due to our busy schedules, we forget about simple dryer maintenance such as cleaning out the lint filter, vacuuming underneath and around the dryer, and keeping all flammable materials stored away from the dryer. Here are some tips for Avondale, Goodyear and Southwest Phoenix residents to remember when it comes to dryer safety and maintenance.

  • Do not leave your dryer running in an empty house. Always make sure you are nearby, just in case.
  • Be sure to clean out the lint filter before and after each usage. You want to make this a habit in your laundry routine. Even a little lint buildup can lead to a potential fire starting.
  • Do not store items on top or around your dryer. This includes items such as towels, blankets, clothes, etc. Do not store any flammables such as household cleaners nearby as well. In the event of a potential fire starting, you do not want to add additional fuel to a flame. Make sure to sweep or vacuum underneath and around your dryer to pick up any lint that may be collecting.
  • Be sure to inspect the vent hose (located behind your dryer) for wear and tear. If your hose is plastic or a foil accordion style hose, replace with a metal hose as these are more durable. A plastic or foil accordion style hose can have a buildup of lint on the inside.
  • Have your venting and exhaust system inspected every year. It’s best to contact a qualified professional to do some cleaning and inspecting to ensure that everything is running properly.

When it comes to heat-producing appliances, it’s best to practice extra caution, especially when it comes to your clothes dryer. Nearly 3,000 dryer fires are reported each year. Be sure to practice these safety tips to ensure your home and family is safe from potential fire damage. For more information on fire damage, contact SERVPRO of Avondale/Goodyear/Southwest Phoenix at (623)537-9999.

Practice Electrical Safety

10/10/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Practice Electrical Safety If you detect a burning smell or sparks coming from an electrical outlet, be sure to contact a qualified electrician to inspect.

We use electricity every single day. From the moment we flip on a light switch or charge our phones, it’s there and will continue to be a part of our everyday routine. We oftentimes forget just how integral electricity is in our daily lives until we experience something like a power outage or forget to pay our electric bill. Simply put, electricity makes our lives so much easier. Nevertheless, we need to practice safety and caution when it comes to electricity in our homes or businesses. Here is some essential information regarding electrical safety that all homeowners and business owners in Avondale, Goodyear and Southwest Phoenix should be aware of.

  • Don’t plug too many appliances that are in use in one outlet, especially if it’s a heat producing appliance such as a crock pot, toaster, or a space heater.
  • Plug major appliances (such as stove, refrigerator, washer/dryer, microwave, etc.) directly into a wall outlet. Do not plug them into extension cords or power strips.
  • Do not have electrical cords running underneath carpets/rugs as you run the risk of heat building up and potentially starting a fire.
  • Do not use extension cords for an extended period. They are only meant for temporary usage.
  • Hire a professional and qualified electrician to handle all electrical work. Don’t try and do it yourself to try and save a few bucks.
  • If you’ve bought a new home or are planning on remodeling, make sure the electrical work is in accordance with local requirements.

If you encounter any electrical issues such as flickering lights, constant blown fuses or tripped circuits, a burning smell from an outlet, or sparks coming from an outlet, please contact a qualified electrician to assess the situation.

If you are dealing with fire or smoke damage from an electrical fire, contact SERVPRO of Avondale/Goodyear/Southwest Phoenix at (623) 537-9999. We are always here to help.

Why Is My Toilet Leaking?

10/9/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Why Is My Toilet Leaking? Dealing with water damage from a toilet leak? Give SERVPRO a call today!

Possible Reasons For Your Toilet Leak

A large majority of homeowners will experience a toilet leak from time to time in their Avondale, Goodyear or Southwest Phoenix home. Toilet leaks are obviously zero fun to deal with, especially when you have no idea what to do when it comes to plumbing issues. You may notice water collecting around the toilet, water on the ceiling (if your bathroom is on the second floor), and an occasional sewer odor. This can be a stressful time, especially when you have no idea how the leak started. Your first thoughts could be, “Will I have to replace my toilet? How much will repairs cost?” It’s helpful to have at least some idea why the leak is occurring so that the necessary repairs can be made to stop the leak from happening. Here’s a list of some possible reasons as to why your toilet could be leaking.

  1. The flapper can become damaged or stuck in the down position or “flushed” position. When this happens, the tank will continue to fill and eventually water will overflow the tank.
  2. A crack in the toilet tank can occur which can cause a leakage. The crack on the tank won’t affect the toilet fill valve which will allow the tank to fill as it normally does after it has flushed which can cause a recurring leak.
  3. Water can seep through a broken or damaged supply line which can cause a toilet to leak. The rubber lining located in the supply line can also wear out as well.
  4. If you notice water collecting around the base of the toilet, you could have a damaged wax ring. The wax ring provides a watertight seal which prevents your toilet from leaking at the base. When the seal is damaged, a leak occurs. Another sign of a damaged wax ring is an unpleasant odor which allow for the sewer gasses to escape.
  5. A closet flange is a pipe fitting that allows a toilet to be mounted to the floor. It connects the toilet drain to the drain pipe. To repair this, you need to remove the toilet and the wax ring and replace with a new flange and wax ring.

These are just some possible reasons as to why your toilet could be leaking. If you’ve tried doing repairs yourself and you still find that your toilet is leaking, it’s best to contact a professional to make the necessary repairs before it causes extensive water damage. If the necessary repairs have been made and you’re now dealing with water damage, please give SERVPRO of Avondale/Goodyear/Southwest Phoenix a call at (623) 537-9999.

Preparing Your Home For Water Damage

10/5/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Preparing Your Home For Water Damage Call us today if you experience water damage. We will respond and work quickly to get the job done!

Water damage is chaotic. Whether it takes place in your Avondale, Goodyear, or Southwest Phoenix home or business, it can leave a trail of disaster. From the moment you discover the soaked floors, damaged walls, furniture and personal property, you can have sheer panic to stress when having to think about cleanup and repairs, and the dreaded expenses that come along with it. Don’t get caught off guard in a moment like this. Be sure to prepare well in advance as you never know when a water damage situation can arise. Here are some helpful tips to help homeowners and business owner's prepare for the inevitable water damage that may occur and catch you off guard.

  • Know and understand your renter’s or homeowner’s insurance coverage to find out what exactly is covered.
  • Keep track of your belongings, especially your most prized possessions. You can keep digital copies of receipts for valuables and store them online. You can also snap photos so you have a photo collection of your possessions.
  • Inspect pipes frequently to ensure that there are no water leaks or damp/wet spots.
  • You also want to thoroughly look over your monthly water bill for increases in cost and usage. Chances are that if you do see an increase in your bill and you haven't made any changes in your usage, you could have a water leak occurring somewhere in your home.
  • Perform an outside inspection of your structure to make sure there are no cracks in the foundation. You also want to inspect the roof and make any necessary repairs if needed. Make sure the drains and gutters are clear of debris to prevent water from collecting on your roof. 

We can’t predict when water damage can occur. Whether it’d be water damage from a plumbing issue, a faulty appliance or a storm, you can rely on SERVPRO of Avondale/Goodyear/Southwest Phoenix to answer your call in your time of need! We are available 24/7 to respond to your emergency to begin the restoration process during this stressful time. We will go above and beyond to make sure your home or business is back up and running “Like it never even happened.” Give us a call at (623) 537-9999.

Prevent Water Damage From Your Washing Machine

10/3/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Prevent Water Damage From Your Washing Machine Be sure to inspect your washing machine's supply hoses to ensure they are in good condition and free of wear and tear.

Washing machines are a modern convenience in the common household. They make our lives so much easier when it comes to doing multiple loads of laundry, especially if you have a full household. Let’s be honest, who wants to venture out to a nearby laundromat or even worse, whip out the old washboard? Over time, washing machines can start to wear out leading to several problematic issues such as flooding and excessive water damage in your Avondale, Goodyear or Southwest Phoenix home.

Flooding in your home can be extremely stressful and chaotic. From the damage it can cause to your home and personal belongings, to the dreaded bill that comes with repairing the appliance and for water damage restoration. Water leaks from washing machines are one of the top 10 sources of water damage in homes. Here is some helpful information for Avondale, Goodyear, and Southwest Phoenix residents to consider in order to prevent your washing machine from causing a water leak or flood in your home.

  • Don’t use too much detergent. Using too much can cause a build-up in the washing machine’s overflow tube.
  • Don’t overload the washing machine. Doing so will cause your washer to start shaking and could potentially cause your hoses to loosen.
  • Inspect the supply hose to see if it’s showing signs of wear and tear. Look for cracks, worn tubing, or a loose connection. If the hose is loose, tighten the connection. If the hose is showing some wear and tear, replace with a reinforced steel braided hose.
  • Replace supply hoses every five years, even if there’s no wear and tear. There may be damage on the inside of the hose and you don’t want to risk it deteriorating from the inside out.
  • Consider replacing your water connections with a single lever shut off valve. This lever makes it much easier to shut the water off when, for instance, a sudden leak from your washing machine takes place. It’s also handy to shut off when you’ll be away from home for a few days. The last thing you want is to come home to a flooded home!

If you’re facing water damage from a washing machine in your Avondale, Goodyear, or Southwest Phoenix home, you can depend on SERVPRO to answer the call when you’re in need! SERVPRO of Avondale/Goodyear/Southwest Phoenix is available 24/7 to begin the restoration process of getting your home back to normal “Like it never even happened.” Call us today (623) 537-9999 for more information!

Avoid A Kitchen Grease Fire

10/1/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Avoid A Kitchen Grease Fire Do not leave your stove unattended while it's in use.

Cooking. We all do it, some of us better then others, but we all do it, whether it’d be whipping up some scrambled eggs, cooking up some stir fry, or doing the three-course meal. Cooking is the leading cause of fire injuries and home fires in the United States. What can start as a small grease fire can eventually grow and spread to other areas of your home if it’s not safely contained. Here are some helpful tips to help Avondale, Goodyear, and Southwest Phoenix residents when it comes to safely putting out a grease fire in your home.

  • Make sure you have a fire extinguisher in your kitchen and know how to use it.
  • Be sure to have the handles on your pots and pans facing inwards as to avoid accidentally knocking it onto the ground.
  • Do not leave the stove unattended while cooking. Always remain in close proximity of the stove when in use.
  • Keep kitchen towels, pot holders, and anything that is flammable away from the stove.
  • Watch the heat carefully. If the pan gets too hot, the grease will start to boil or splatter, and the pan will start to smoke which could lead to flames. When you notice the pan start to smoke, turn the heat down immediately and watch carefully.
  • If a hot pan does catch on fire, use pot holders to place a lid or baking sheet on top of the pan. If you don’t have a lid or baking sheet available, you can also resort to using baking soda. Be sure to carefully pour it over the flames. The key here is to smother the flames. DO NOT use water or anything else that is flammable to try and put out the flames.
  • If none of those options are working, use your fire extinguisher. If the flames do get out of hand, do not try and put it out. Instead, have you and your family evacuate immediately and call 911.

With the holidays coming up, many of us will be in the kitchen preparing large meals. To avoid a potential grease fire from happening, you can apply the above tips. Applying these safety tips will protect you, your home, and most importantly, your loved ones.

If you do find yourself dealing with fire or smoke damage in your kitchen from a grease fire, you can count on SERVPRO of Avondale/Goodyear/Southwest Phoenix to provide restoration services. Give SERVPRO of Avondale/Goodyear/Southwest Phoenix a call at (623) 537-9999.