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Water Damage From Dishwasher In Your Avondale Home

6/19/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage Water Damage From Dishwasher In Your Avondale Home Did your dishwasher cause water damage in your kitchen? Give SERVPRO a call!

The dishwasher is a modern amenity that’s included in almost every household kitchen nowadays. It takes out the stress and hassle of playing paper, rock, scissors to decide who’s turn it is to do the dishes. SERVPRO of Avondale/Goodyear/Southwest Phoenix has seen its fair share of homes dealing with water damage from this kitchen appliance. It can take homeowners on quite the whirlwind of emotions once they discover a pool of water collecting on the kitchen floor. Here are some tips for preventing water damage from your dishwasher in your Avondale and Goodyear home.

Dishwasher Door

The door itself may have loose hinges which could cause water to leak out. You may need to tighten the latch and hinges yourself with a screwdriver. If you’re having any issues, you can always call a professional plumber.

Rubber Seal

The rubber seal around the dishwasher door may have some wear and tear which will cause water to escape. To prevent this, make sure to routinely inspect the rubber seal and replace if needed.

Damaged Hoses

All dishwashers are equipped with two hoses that can be accessed by removing the bottom front access panel. Inspect the hoses for wear and tear. If you notice any moisture collecting in this area, you may need to replace the hoses.

These are the most common causes that homeowners face when they’re dealing with water damage in their kitchen caused by their dishwasher. If you find that a water leak has taken place in your kitchen, here are some steps to take:

  1. Shut off the main water supply.
  2. Shut off the electricity if need be, especially if water is pooling near outlets or electronic devices.
  3. Call a plumber to resolve the dishwasher plumbing situation.
  4. Once the plumbing issue is resolved, call SERVPRO of Avondale/Goodyear/Southwest Phoenix to notify them of your water damage. We will send our technicians out as quickly as we can.
  5. While you’re waiting for SERVPRO to arrive, use towels to soak up as much standing water as you can. The longer you let the water sit, the more damage it can cause.
  6. Once SERVPRO arrives, we’ll walk you through the process and begin drying out the area with our fans and dehumidifiers.

Please give our office a call to find out more information at 623-537-9999. SERVPRO is always here to help 24/7.

How To Handle A Toilet Overflow

5/8/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage How To Handle A Toilet Overflow Call SERVPRO to handle clean up and the drying from a toilet overflow.

No one likes to deal with a toilet that is malfunctioning and leading to an overflow in their home or business. It can cause a lot of headaches, stress, and not to mention, the mess that it can create causing germs and bacteria to contaminate your home. SERVPRO of Avondale/Goodyear/Southwest Phoenix put together 3 tips for what you should do when you are met with an overflowing toilet.

Turn Off The Water

Locate the shut off valve which is the line coming out of the wall behind the toilet. Turn the valve clockwise to shut off the water. 

Clean Up The Water

Inspect the color of the water to determine if it is contaminated. Gray or black water indicates contamination. Be sure to wear rubber gloves and use towels to soak up the water that's collected on the floors. 

Locate The Blockage

Use a plunger to try and remove the clog. If that doesn't do the trick, call a sewage company professional to assess the plumbing situation. 

Once the blockage has been handled, you can give SERVPRO a call to handle the cleaning from contaminated water and drying up the moisture so your home is back to good condition "Like it never even happened." 

Why Is My Toilet Leaking?

10/9/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Why Is My Toilet Leaking? Dealing with water damage from a toilet leak? Give SERVPRO a call today!

Possible Reasons For Your Toilet Leak

A large majority of homeowners will experience a toilet leak from time to time in their Avondale, Goodyear or Southwest Phoenix home. Toilet leaks are obviously zero fun to deal with, especially when you have no idea what to do when it comes to plumbing issues. You may notice water collecting around the toilet, water on the ceiling (if your bathroom is on the second floor), and an occasional sewer odor. This can be a stressful time, especially when you have no idea how the leak started. Your first thoughts could be, “Will I have to replace my toilet? How much will repairs cost?” It’s helpful to have at least some idea why the leak is occurring so that the necessary repairs can be made to stop the leak from happening. Here’s a list of some possible reasons as to why your toilet could be leaking.

  1. The flapper can become damaged or stuck in the down position or “flushed” position. When this happens, the tank will continue to fill and eventually water will overflow the tank.
  2. A crack in the toilet tank can occur which can cause a leakage. The crack on the tank won’t affect the toilet fill valve which will allow the tank to fill as it normally does after it has flushed which can cause a recurring leak.
  3. Water can seep through a broken or damaged supply line which can cause a toilet to leak. The rubber lining located in the supply line can also wear out as well.
  4. If you notice water collecting around the base of the toilet, you could have a damaged wax ring. The wax ring provides a watertight seal which prevents your toilet from leaking at the base. When the seal is damaged, a leak occurs. Another sign of a damaged wax ring is an unpleasant odor which allow for the sewer gasses to escape.
  5. A closet flange is a pipe fitting that allows a toilet to be mounted to the floor. It connects the toilet drain to the drain pipe. To repair this, you need to remove the toilet and the wax ring and replace with a new flange and wax ring.

These are just some possible reasons as to why your toilet could be leaking. If you’ve tried doing repairs yourself and you still find that your toilet is leaking, it’s best to contact a professional to make the necessary repairs before it causes extensive water damage. If the necessary repairs have been made and you’re now dealing with water damage, please give SERVPRO of Avondale/Goodyear/Southwest Phoenix a call at (623) 537-9999.

Preparing Your Home For Water Damage

10/5/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Preparing Your Home For Water Damage Call us today if you experience water damage. We will respond and work quickly to get the job done!

Water damage is chaotic. Whether it takes place in your Avondale, Goodyear, or Southwest Phoenix home or business, it can leave a trail of disaster. From the moment you discover the soaked floors, damaged walls, furniture and personal property, you can have sheer panic to stress when having to think about cleanup and repairs, and the dreaded expenses that come along with it. Don’t get caught off guard in a moment like this. Be sure to prepare well in advance as you never know when a water damage situation can arise. Here are some helpful tips to help homeowners and business owner's prepare for the inevitable water damage that may occur and catch you off guard.

  • Know and understand your renter’s or homeowner’s insurance coverage to find out what exactly is covered.
  • Keep track of your belongings, especially your most prized possessions. You can keep digital copies of receipts for valuables and store them online. You can also snap photos so you have a photo collection of your possessions.
  • Inspect pipes frequently to ensure that there are no water leaks or damp/wet spots.
  • You also want to thoroughly look over your monthly water bill for increases in cost and usage. Chances are that if you do see an increase in your bill and you haven't made any changes in your usage, you could have a water leak occurring somewhere in your home.
  • Perform an outside inspection of your structure to make sure there are no cracks in the foundation. You also want to inspect the roof and make any necessary repairs if needed. Make sure the drains and gutters are clear of debris to prevent water from collecting on your roof. 

We can’t predict when water damage can occur. Whether it’d be water damage from a plumbing issue, a faulty appliance or a storm, you can rely on SERVPRO of Avondale/Goodyear/Southwest Phoenix to answer your call in your time of need! We are available 24/7 to respond to your emergency to begin the restoration process during this stressful time. We will go above and beyond to make sure your home or business is back up and running “Like it never even happened.” Give us a call at (623) 537-9999.

Prevent Water Damage From Your Washing Machine

10/3/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Prevent Water Damage From Your Washing Machine Be sure to inspect your washing machine's supply hoses to ensure they are in good condition and free of wear and tear.

Washing machines are a modern convenience in the common household. They make our lives so much easier when it comes to doing multiple loads of laundry, especially if you have a full household. Let’s be honest, who wants to venture out to a nearby laundromat or even worse, whip out the old washboard? Over time, washing machines can start to wear out leading to several problematic issues such as flooding and excessive water damage in your Avondale, Goodyear or Southwest Phoenix home.

Flooding in your home can be extremely stressful and chaotic. From the damage it can cause to your home and personal belongings, to the dreaded bill that comes with repairing the appliance and for water damage restoration. Water leaks from washing machines are one of the top 10 sources of water damage in homes. Here is some helpful information for Avondale, Goodyear, and Southwest Phoenix residents to consider in order to prevent your washing machine from causing a water leak or flood in your home.

  • Don’t use too much detergent. Using too much can cause a build-up in the washing machine’s overflow tube.
  • Don’t overload the washing machine. Doing so will cause your washer to start shaking and could potentially cause your hoses to loosen.
  • Inspect the supply hose to see if it’s showing signs of wear and tear. Look for cracks, worn tubing, or a loose connection. If the hose is loose, tighten the connection. If the hose is showing some wear and tear, replace with a reinforced steel braided hose.
  • Replace supply hoses every five years, even if there’s no wear and tear. There may be damage on the inside of the hose and you don’t want to risk it deteriorating from the inside out.
  • Consider replacing your water connections with a single lever shut off valve. This lever makes it much easier to shut the water off when, for instance, a sudden leak from your washing machine takes place. It’s also handy to shut off when you’ll be away from home for a few days. The last thing you want is to come home to a flooded home!

If you’re facing water damage from a washing machine in your Avondale, Goodyear, or Southwest Phoenix home, you can depend on SERVPRO to answer the call when you’re in need! SERVPRO of Avondale/Goodyear/Southwest Phoenix is available 24/7 to begin the restoration process of getting your home back to normal “Like it never even happened.” Call us today (623) 537-9999 for more information!

Water Damage From Household Appliances

9/26/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Water Damage From Household Appliances Prevent water damage from major appliances in your home.

Nobody wants to deal with the hassle of discovering that a major appliance in your Avondale, Goodyear or Southwest Phoenix home has been leaking water while you’ve been away. Who wants to return home to discover that your floors, walls and belongings are completely soaked and covered in water? Here at SERVPRO of Avondale/Goodyear/Southwest Phoenix, we know that one of the leading causes for water damage in your home or business is due to a water leak from major appliances. Here’s a list of a few common appliances for you to keep an eye on when it comes to water damage.

Washing Machine

The hoses connecting to and from the washing machine can be damaged, loose or cracked. When this happens, water can start leaking. It’s important to inspect the hoses at least once a month to ensure that they are in good condition and are connected properly.


Dishwashers are a modern convenience, especially for busy households which is why it’s important to perform routine inspections to ensure they keep running properly. Make sure to inspect the door gasket which is the rubber seal around the door that prevents the water from escaping. Check the door gasket for wear and tear and replace if needed. You also want to examine both hoses that all dishwashers are equipped with which can be done by removing the bottom front access panel. These hoses allow for the dishwasher to fill and drain. If you notice any wetness or moisture in this area, you need to replace the hoses.


Food or debris can cause a blockage in the drain hose in your refrigerator. A clogged defrost drain is a common cause for a water leak from your fridge.

The plastic water line located behind your fridge can also be the culprit for a leaky fridge. The line can be damaged or cracked which can cause a slow leak to occur over time. Water can start to collect under your fridge which would be hard to see unless you regularly make an effort to pull your fridge out to inspect the floor and wall behind the fridge. Again, you want to inspect the water line to make sure it’s securely connected with no damage.

Over time, water leaks from a major appliance can lead to serious water damage. There’s also health concerns involved as wet areas can lead to mold growth. Avondale, Goodyear, and Southwest Phoenix residents, do not fret! No matter what the situation may be that has caused water damage, whether it’d be a water leak from a major appliance like your washing machine, dishwasher, refrigerator or another major appliance, SERVPRO of Avondale/Goodyear/Southwest Phoenix is available 24/7 to answer your call in your time of need.

Give SERVPRO of Avondale/Goodyear/Southwest Phoenix a call at (623) 537-9999. 

Controlling Water Damage

6/20/2016 (Permalink)

Water Damage Controlling Water Damage Goodyear residential water damage can be the result of sudden flash flooding, heavy rain, a burst water main or a malfunction in your sewer system.

Contact Us for First Class Water Damage Cleanup

Residential water damage can be the result of sudden flash flooding, heavy rain, a burst water main or a malfunction in your sewer system. Whatever the ultimate cause may be, the result will be a soggy, dangerous mess that must be correctly addressed and controlled immediately. If your home has been affected by residential water damage in Goodyear, take charge of the situation now. You can get your emergency solved in a prompt and timely manner by a skilled and qualified local restoration service.

Dealing With Goodyear Residential Water Damage
Perhaps the quickest and most efficient way to deal with Goodyear residential water damage is to contact a locally owned cleanup and restoration service that is fully equipped and qualified to deal with the situation. You'll need to be able to trust this service with your property, but it would also be nice to feel that they will treat your building as part of their own community.

Contact Us for a Same-day Risk Assessment and Work Estimate
As soon as you contact us with the details concerning your emergency, we will arrive at your property for a full, same-day risk assessment and work estimate. We will examine every aspect of your property and find out what the extent of the damage is. Once we have established this, we will give you a complete estimate concerning the cost of the work that we will do for you. You are under absolutely no obligation unless you agree to let us do the work.

Even When the Water Is Gone, Mold Can Remain in Your Home
Even when all of the water has been removed from your home, you should know that dangers can remain behind. One of the worst and most pressing of these potential hazards is mold growth. Mold can hide in nooks and crannies all throughout your house and breed silently until it takes over your entire property. This can lead to your property being condemned as unfit to live in and require more time and money to repair.

If mold growth is detected in your HVAC system or water filtration unit, the best way to deal with the problem is to root it out immediately. Our service team of skilled professionals can make sure all mold growth is destroyed and purify your air and water systems so that your family will not suffer any ill effects in the future. The faster this is done, the sooner your family can breathe freely without fearing further risks to their health.

Contact Us Today for More Information
SERVPRO of Avondale / Goodyear / Southwest Phoenix is a locally owned and operated cleanup and restoration service that is equipped to handle emergencies in Goodyear as well as other areas within the Phoenix metropolitan areas such as Scottsdale. When you are dealing with Goodyear residential water damage, we are here to be your one-stop shop for prompt cleanup and restoration services. Call us at (623) 537-9999.

Water Damage Scottsdale--Help Is On the Way

4/8/2016 (Permalink)

Water Damage Water Damage Scottsdale--Help Is On the Way Sewage Water Damage in Scottsdale Needs Professional Sanitary Measures

SERVPRO Helps Restore Your Water Damaged Scottsdale Home

It is very common to come across Scottsdale water damage. Many sources of water damage could affect a home. Among the common causes of water damage are flooding, clogs, bad plumbing, flash floods, and faulty appliances. One common issue is an overflowing septic tank which can result in placing raw sewage in your home. Gutters can be overwhelmed with water and roofs could leak which could lead to water damage in your Scottsdale home. While you can try to clean the water up yourself, if more than a mop and bucket are needed, your best bet is to hire professionals from SERVPRO to do the job because of the expertise and the equipment needed.
There is a process of water damage restoration. There are plenty of steps that professionals follow to make sure the home gets back to its prime form. The experts inspect the areas of the home to ensure that no further water is entering the house from the exterior or an internal leak. Moisture meters, infrared cameras, and hygrometers help to find wet pockets of moisture in the home. They check out all of the inaccessible areas to find all of the moisture. When you leave water in the remote areas, you could get problems like mold, and degradation of wood studs and drywall.  They also decide on the technology needed, following the standards and guidelines of the IICRC, to clean and dry out all water damaged articles, building materials, and electronics.
When ignored or undetected, water damage causes the following common problems. There is lower property value due to the compromised structure of your home. Paint can also start peeling from the walls because of the water damage. Water can ruin your carpets and warp any hardwood floors. The HVAC system can be a breeding ground for mold and mildew. Clothes might need to be quickly dried before any permanent damage occurs. There are plenty of other issues with water damage if you are not taking care of it.
SERVPRO of Avondale / Goodyear / Southwest Phoenix is a premier water damage restoration company, as attested to by many insurance businesses and BBB advisements. Why not call on them to restore your water damaged Scottsdale property to its pre-loss condition? "Like it never even happened." They are available every hour of the day to provide the service that you need. Give them a call at (623) 537-9999.

Water Damage FAQs for Your Phoenix Property

2/26/2016 (Permalink)

Water Damage Water Damage FAQs for Your Phoenix Property When Water Damage Strikes, Call SERVPRO to Mitigate Losses

Phoenix Water Damage Can Be Restored Stress-Free By SERVPRO

Phoenix water damage occurs from many sources. Flooding or excessive volumes of water in your home come from natural disasters, flash flooding, busted or frozen pipes, plumbing leaks, or malfunctioning appliances. A septic tank may overflow and send raw sewage into your home. Roof drains and gutters can be overwhelmed with water or just clogged and poorly maintained.

What does the Water Damage Restoration Process Involve?
The water restoration professionals from SERVPRO will inspect the area and stop the water source from delivering even more damage. We use water extraction technology to remove standing water. This equipment includes truck mounted and portable water pumps, wet-vacs, and sump pumps. As most of the water is being extracted, we will set up air movers and dehumidifiers to remove moisture from the air and soft materials. This process may take from several days to several weeks depending on the severity of the water damage.

What are Common Problems Associated with Water Damage?
With excessive water intrusion into your home, there is the potential for other unwanted problems. Reduction of your property value, your home can be compromised structurally, and water damage can result in the loss of many personal items, photo albums, and momentos. You may have paint peeling off the walls, ruined carpets, and warped hardwood floors. Your clothing, drapes, furniture, and electronic appliances may need rapid drying to save or must be tossed. Finally, mold can create health risks for you and your family.

What Does My Insurance Company Cover?
The insurance company will consider many factors in determining whether or not to cover a claim. First, they will decide if the water damage source is included under your policy. If a flooding caused by rising water is the culprit, then Flood Insurance, a separate policy or addendum, is needed. Next, they will investigate steps that you have taken to prevent the situation from happening. The water damage restoration professionals from SERVPRO can help you. We are preferred vendors for most insurance companies and many property management firms. We have the experience in dealing with all the major insurance companies. We can help you manage the insurance claim process and assist with the paperwork. We will utilize proprietary SERVPRO software called the CCIS. This is the Contents Claim Inventory Service. We do a room by room inventory of all damaged items and building materials. We will categorize them as salvageable, non-salvageable, or questionable. This helps protect your interests with your claim. The final determination of how to proceed does rest with you and your insurance adjuster.

Though Phoenix water damage can be trying and stressful, you can alleviate stress by securing the services of SERVPRO to return your property to its pre-water damaged condition. The faster water is removed; the less will be the adverse effects. You will feel "Like it never even happened."

We’re Highly Trained Water Damage Specialists

SERVPRO of Avondale / Goodyear / Southwest Phoenix specializes in water damage restoration, the cornerstone of our business. We respond rapidly to Phoenix, Goodyear, and Scottsdale water damage emergencies. Call us 24/7 at (623) 537-9999

Simple Steps To Overcome Scottsdale Residential Water Damage

11/30/2015 (Permalink)

Water Damage Simple Steps To Overcome Scottsdale Residential Water Damage A continuously running toilet can waste over 200 gallons of water per day.

Navigating a Residential Water Loss in Scottsdale...What Should You Do?

Simple Steps To Overcome Water Damage

When you realize that your property has been impacted with water damage, you may fly into a panic. This makes sense given the fact that water damage can destroy your property, cause high restoration bills, and disrupt your daily mode of existence. However, accessing and utilizing Scottsdale water damage recovery tips can help you save money, remain calm, and return to your normal way of life. Get the information you need regarding how to overcome water damage by reviewing this quick reference guide:

 1. Identify The Source Of The Problem.

 There are several possible sources that could be the culprit of the water damage in Scotsdale. It's important for you to identify the source and shut it off. Some possible sources include a busted pipe and the water line running your freezer and refrigerator. Find the source and cut it off so your property is not subjected to more damage from additional water leaking into its structure and the materials contained within it.

 2. Contact A Water Damage Restoration Company Immediately.

 The longer standing water is on your property, the more damage it can do. This is why it's important to contact a Scotsdale water damage restoration company as soon as you recognize the presence of excess water in your residential space. The professional contractors will utilize advanced services to expedite and optimize the water removal process.

 3. Take Photos.

 Every item you lose due to water damage needs to be documented so that you can attain as much coverage as possible when you file your claim. For this reason, it's important for you to take photos of the damages done to your property. Also, take the time to document each region of the property that has been impacted by the excess water.

 4. Keep Receipts Of All Restoration Work.

 Any work that is performed as part of the water damage restoration process needs to be documented with receipts. An example would be the drying and content restoration services provided by the water extraction company.

Although dealing with water damage can seem like a difficult endeavor, the skilled professionals of SERVPRO can make it simple. Each of our IICRC-certified technicians will work with expedience and excellence to remove all excess water from your property. Moreover, we're pleased to offer round the clock services to ensure that your water damage issue can be addressed at any time.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

 As a locally owned and operated business, SERVPRO of Avondale/Goodyear/Southwest Phoenix is strategically located to respond quickly to your flood and water emergency event. When water damage occurs in Scottsdale, Phoenix, or Goodyear, we have the resources and personnel to help. Call us today! (623) 537-9999

Water Damage Restoration for Your Avondale Home

9/17/2015 (Permalink)

Water Damage Water Damage Restoration for Your Avondale Home Dangers of Flash Flooding

SERVPRO Water Damage Protocol for Your Avondale Home

After your residential property in Avondale has been subjected to water damage, obtaining professional restoration service is very important. Learn more about what the water restoration process entails and how to properly execute it by reviewing the short guide provided below:

The IICRC and the RIA

There are no government regulations in America dictating rules and regulations for water damage restoration. The IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification) and the RIA (Restoration Industry Association) have outlined standards of care that can be used for guidelines and advice. In most cases, companies like SERVPRO use the IICRC's set of procedural standards. These standards are referred to as the S500. The IICRC S500 offers practical standards for use during the water damage restoration process. However, the standards do not attempt to teach people comprehensive procedures for water damage restoration. Individuals and companies who utilize the S500 must be aware of contemporary technological standards and must also abide by all regulations and procedures by local, state, and federal laws. Some of the rules and regulations can be found below:

Loss Assessment and Evaluation

The loss assessment and evaluation process is most effectively completed by a trained water damage restoration technician. A SERVPRO expert will utilize the Contents Claim Inventory Service (CCIS) form. This technician will document all of the personal possessions and valuable materials affected by water damage. This CCIS document will aid you in your dealings with your insurance company concerning your Avondale home.

Water Damage Services

The wide range of services offered by the water damage specialist will be customized to get your property back in order. One such service is the use of water sensing equipment to inspect areas of the home that have been affected by water damage. Tools and equipment used for this purpose include probes and infrared equipment. After the inspection is complete, the water remediation specialists will then dry your home and sanitize the cross contaminated areas.These regions of the home would also be deodorized. Throughout the cleaning process, the remediation specialist will use equipment such as dehumidifiers, air scrubbers, air movers, and wood floor drying systems to optimize the restoration process.  Moisture meters measure specific water content in affected items. The proliferation of mold will be minimized by the above steps.


Even after the entire process of water damage restoration is completed, an expert will visit for a follow-up inspection. Your property will be monitored for moisture content, humidity, and temperature of the treated areas. If you have any questions during the monitoring process, the SERVPRO professionals will be glad to answer them.

Final Inspection and Completion

Once the moisture content, humidity, and temperature are within the metrics industry standards, the remediation specialists will remove water damage equipment from your property in Avondale.

Let The Professionals Of SERVPRO Assist You

While handling the aftermath of extensive water damage can be difficult, this need not be the case. The trained professionals of SERVPRO have extensive industry experience and operate in compliance with all rules and regulations outlined by the IICRC S500. We offer round the clock services and work with exceptional speed, so call us if you require our services.

Locally Owned and Operated

We are proud to be an active member of this community. SERVPRO of Avondale/Goodyear/Southwest Phoenix is locally owned and operated so we’re already nearby and ready to help Avondale residents and business owners with any-sized flood or water damage emergencies.

Our technicians will monitor and document the drying process to ensure your property is back to normal. Call us. (623) 537-9999

What Happens After Contacting Goodyear Water Damage Experts for a Cleanup?

8/10/2015 (Permalink)

Water Damage What Happens After Contacting Goodyear Water Damage Experts for a Cleanup? To ensure that a building is restored according to acceptable standards, it is vital to hire SERVPRO.

What Happens After Contacting Water Damage Experts for a Cleanup?

Reasons to Hire Water Remediation Experts
Most individuals never need to hire Goodyear water damage technicians and have no understanding of the services provided. However, the processes involved in a cleanup after a water disaster are complex. When technicians arrive at a water-soaked structure, they must determine the exact type of problems that have occurred in order to create a plan to effectively return a building to its previous condition as quickly as possible. To ensure that a building is restored according to acceptable standards, it is vital to hire SERVPRO.

Contact Water Damage Technicians for a Cleanup
After a flooding incident in a building, the most important thing to do is call the professional Goodyear water remediation company SERVPRO that has the industrial-strength equipment necessary to begin a cleanup within a few hours. When technicians begin the drying process immediately, it helps to prevent additional moisture damage to materials such as drywall and wood to avoid secondary problems that include mold growth and mildew odor. A Goodyear water damaged building is dangerous due to slippery surfaces but becomes more hazardous because of rotted floorboards and poor air quality.

How Technicians Dry a Building
The first thing that technicians do when arriving at a flooded structure is make sure that no more water is entering by turning off a main valve. In addition, they verify that gas and electricity is off to avoid explosions or shock injuries. Increasing air circulation is essential to reduce the humidity levels that lead to mildew and mold. Dehumidifiers and fan systems are installed in a building and powered with generators. If there is standing water in a basement of a building, then technicians use a sump pump to remove moisture with hoses.

Water Remediation Technicians are Responsible for Moisture Extraction
While reducing humidity levels in a flooded building, other technicians begin to extract water from floors, walls and ceilings with suctioning devices. When water has soaked into carpeting, it is lifted from the floor to suction water from underlying surfaces. Everything in the water-soaked building requires sanitizing with chemicals to eliminate pathogens that can cause illness. To prevent odors, the technicians also apply long-lasting deodorizers. When a building suffers from water damage caused by a disaster such as a flooding river or broken water pipe, an owner must contact their insurance provider to determine if repair costs are covered by their policy.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

SERVPRO of Avondale/Goodyear/Southwest Phoenix is locally owned and operated—so we are part of this community too. We are also part of a national network of over 1,650 SERVPRO Franchises and special Disaster Recovery Teams strategically located throughout the country to respond to large scale disasters.

We are proud to serve our local communities:

Our expertise in water restoration is extensive.  SERVPRO utilizes IICRC training as part of our on-going education to stay ahead of the curve.  Call us for help.  (623) 537-9999